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Being a member of the IWVA affords wineries and growers the following benefits:

 Legislative and regulatory representation by a team of registered lobbyists who have been lobbying on alcohol issues before the Indiana General Assembly for decades

 Direct input on legislative and ATC policies that significantly impact your business, including weekly status updates during the legislative session

 Two annual meetings each year which provide industry-specific training and networking opportunities with leaders in Indiana’s wine and grape industry

 Regular member updates on IWVA initiatives and related industry news

Discounted registration fees for the IWVA Annual Summer Meeting

 Opportunity to participate in the Indiana Family Wineries PAC, which supports candidates who are committed to growing the Indiana wine grape industry

Membership in IWVA is available in the following categories:

 Commercial – for bonded Indiana Farm Wineries or vineyards containing 600 or more vines

 Noncommercial – for operations smaller than those listed above

 Preferred Partner – for vendors and consultants who have an interest in supporting the Indiana wine grape industry

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